The War on Aggression

AGGRESSIONThe current war we are engaged in has been described in many terms. Left versus Right, Globalism versus Nationalism, the First World versus the Third, Class war, the battle of the sexes, etc. What i will attempt to explain is that we are actually involved in a war on aggression (and why White people are singled out in this), and all of its manifestations.

There are only two sexes, male and female. The female primary drive, or instinct is to pro-create. Beneath all the accoutrements of modernity this drive is still the prime motivator for females. It informs every one of their actions, from actual child rearing, to conflict resolution, from match-making to home building, females are driven to create in a multitude of ways, that are expressions of the primary instinct.

The male primary drive, or instinct, contrary to the feminine, is aggression. What do we mean by aggression?
Aggression is often confused with anger. Anger could be described simply as an inability to properly process emotions in any given situation. So if somebody close to you dies, and you are not particularly good at expressing sadness or loss, anger may arise until the time when one can assign an emotion to the event. The same can be said for shame. When one is put in a situation where shame is brought on, such as an abusive event, anger may rise up when reminded of the event until one can properly cope with the emotions that are being suppressed around it.
Aggression on the other hand is a perfectly normal and natural instinct present in both men and women, but more so in men. Aggression is actually seen all across the animal kingdom, from the raising of hackles in dogs, to the flashing of wings in birds, animals use aggression to both signal their social position to others in their group and for mate selection. The more aggressive one displays, the more likely one is to attain a higher position in society, and therefore pass on ones genes through mating.
Instincts should be seen as a pre-language language, a way of communicating without having to think the action through. When one walks towards a crowd of men (or more exactly, before a fight) can you feel the blood enter and lift your chest? Can you feel your chin raise and the head tip back? All of these responses are effectively out of your control, but are there to raise the threat level you give out to others, they are instinctual.
Some examples of this in human society are the raised shoulder epaulettes of army generals, the male beard (which increases the size of the chin, which is also an aggressive ‘signal’ and ‘releaser’) and hairy or muscular chests. Anything which enhances the already present male attributes is seen as a ‘signal enhancer’, letting other males (and females) know that one is more aggressive.
So men lift weights to enhance their chest and arms, and grow beards to appear (symbolically – unconsciously) intellectually aggressive (intellect is the ‘pumping up’ of the brain), bears will raise themselves up on hind legs when threatened to increase their size, and the lion’s mane accents his masculinity. Buffalo have a tuft of hair atop the bony ridge on their heads (which are used for butting in competition for mates) and deer will grow seasonal antler for the same reason.

So it is not difficult to see aggression is a necessary factor in both interactions between men and men, but also between men and women, and that it is present in nature, from the smallest organisms to the largest, across every clade or species.

Children have latent aggression within them, boys especially, and it can be seen from an early age with their imitative behaviour. They are not learning to be aggressive, instead they are learning to properly channel their aggression. This is why young boys are fascinated with war, weapons, arguing, asserting themselves, shaving, being tough etc. All of these things are symbolic representations of aggression that are obvious to children, but not so obvious to adults, who are living within their symbols, so to speak.

Aggression is the programme for male behaviour. The directness of their interactions, their single-mindedness in problem solving; phrases such as putting on a brave face, keeping ones chin up, the stiff upper lip, squaring up to one another; precision tasks such as shooting, driving and building, an obsession with calculations, speed, efficiency and effect are all a result of a finely tuned aggression instinct, and all of these things are admired in men by other men. One only has to think of the greatest sportsmen, engineers, warriors and leaders and what qualities are key to their success. Very rarely are they anything other than a skillful use of the aggression drive. A key point to note here is that aggression is possibly at its highest point of evolution in the White race, for reasons that go way back into our evolution.

To return to my point, In recent years our society and civilisation has been co-opted by a groups of outsiders who completely fail to understand our aggression, and are actively attempting to shift our culture towards their own instincts, which are more feminine in nature. The same arguments about the West are given again and again – colonialism was too aggressive, guns are bad, children should be discouraged from being violent, girls should be more like boys in their forwardness, and boys should be more like girls to discourage their aggression. The European race was determined to have an ‘authoritarian personality’ which is essentially another way of saying we are too aggressive.

The rise of Feminism has also played a large part in this, discouraging men from being with other men in their traditional places, such as the work place or the pub, and queer theory has placed suspicion on men who prefer the company of men (the hermeneutics of gay suspicion). We hear an unending stream of fear about ‘micro-aggressions’, man-splaining, and debates on smacking children that are concerned about the aggression it causes in later life (smacking is of course to do with anger in the adult, an inability to cope with a resistant little person, and nothing to do with aggression). Films and even computer games, in cases such as #gamergate are criticised as too male, too masculine, too aggressive.

So we can see that the misunderstanding of aggression plays a big part in the mind of the opposition. Aggression becomes a code word for white men, and is posited as the enemy of decent people, yet the world around us is the direct result of that aggression, in its natural expression!

Black people living in our societies also fail to understand the intense aggression at play in all Western societies at all times. This results in them using cars to symbolise their power, or muscle, or material goods such as gold, and even guns. In traditionally black societies the men do not display aggression in the same way that Europeans do, and so their expressions of it in the West are both gross and out of context.

The Jewish race also dismally fails to grasp the quality of aggression in the West, and so use their subversive feminine nature to alter Western societies to fit their own desires, which appear cowardly to nearly every Western man.
It just so happens that when Western aggression was allowed to be free and natural was also the time when Western man dominated the world, and the subsequent attempt to tame his nature has also resulted in the decline of the West on the world stage, or at least the first stages of it.

If we wish to achieve any sort of result in this war against Whites, we must see it for what it is symbolically, to the animal mind so to speak, to ourselves, our fellow men and women, and the other races we find ourselves amongst. For the restoration of the aggression instinct in Western man to its natural level will bring about the world we desire much quicker than the slow march of education. So cultivate your aggression drive, do not let anyone subvert it or divert it. We have the target in our sights, and we must not lower our gaze until we have hit the bulls eye and slain the beast that seeks our destruction.


Author: cairbethebard

atlantean refugee

5 thoughts on “The War on Aggression”

    1. In short, yes. Their nature appears to be more feminine, they are much more driving by the self than the ego, in the sense that they prefer narrative to facts, feelings to logic, etc. Just look at the interests they have, such as feminism, story telling, the unconscious, hidden symbolism such as the work of Freud (regardless of how true it is, it’s true in the sense that it exists), they are much more grounded in subjective experience, whereas Europeans are objective seeking people. I would apply this distinction to all people of colour too, including Asians/Orientals or whatever you call them. In fact, it is only Europeans who seek the truth, we demand the answer to the question ‘what is real’, in recent times it has led us in some very strange directions, such as atheism, because our nature is also easily exploitable by more ‘duplicitous’ groups, which is the nature of the feminine too. Having very little physical power she has evolved to get what she wants by gentle coercion, which by itself isn’t a bad thing, unless another group of people use it on us to achieve their own goals.

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    1. It’s important to distinguish hate from aggression. Aggression is pure and natural, without it the wolf couldn organise it’s hunting packs, and stags wouldn’t be able to mate with female deer. In man, it is what pushes us forward and forms our achievements, especially in Europeans. Remove it and we will flounder like the chimpanzee. The energy must flow, one way or another we will channel that aggression, our adversaries ignore it at their peril.
      I’ll look into E.E. Cummings, thanks


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